music videos
That Old Alarm (2019)
An ode to 90’s R&B, Amerigo Gazaway and Xiomara’s “1990” album is a nostalgic love letter to an era that redefined the genre. Known for his work reinterpreting classics, Gazaway (most recently tapped by the Miles Davis estate for his work on the lost Rubberband sessions), steps out of his role as a remixer and gives Bay Area artist, Xiomara, the bedrock for her voice to flourish.  


Written, Performed & Starring 


Amerigo Gazaway

Supporting Cast –

Bryan Daniels

Imani Sims

Director – Ya’Shalan 

Cinematographer – Michael Thygesen

Gaffer – Carlos Gonzalez

Asst. Camera –Thomas Schneckenberger

Additional Camera – JJ Harris

Prod. Assistants – Scarlette Reyes & Chris Chapman

Location – Olaywa, Steve Kushman & California Historical Radio Society

Heartfelt Thank You's – 

Ashlei Temena & The Party, Micheal Tunk, Lishan A.Z., Joy Coakley 

Late Bloomers (2017)
From 'The Pragmatic EP' by Mark Ali 


Written, Performed & Starring –

Mark Ali


Director – Ya’Shalan Nelson

Editor – Ashlei Temeña

Cinematographer – Roy Wanguhu